Rockford at the End

According to Wired magazine, Facebook has 75 million users playing FarmVille. A resident of Rockford, IL is featured in the article. When everyone becomes a computer, most will be satisfied with giving gifts and tending rational gardens. Existence is also possibly due to neutral B-mesons having a slightly unbalanced rate of return.

Currently 400 million of  6.82 billion people use Facebook. If everyone opened an account, 1.279 billion people would play FarmVille. Other people would play translations of the concept. This example proves that the terminal logic of technological innovation must result in voluntarily monitored villages. The Matrix is bullshit. Cities are stupid. If God is not distinct from reality or attention refuses to evolve, then communities will remain fundamentally rural and suspicious. Residents  get lost outside or get tired and go home.  Can humans beat the clock, or is it already a simulation?

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