Stretching Out Some New Executive Muscle

“If any good can come from this, it could be the push for more balanced regulation that doesn’t tip so blindingly for production — but one that considers the real environmental risks and plans for worst-case scenarios,”

Well, it’s looking increasingly likely that Pres. Obama will make good on plans to lay down some heavier executive muscle in dealing with the recent oil spill.

A perusal of several articles from CNN, MSNBC and USA Today points toward an increasing willingness by the Administration to make full of use of the bully pulpit while also expanding federal clean-up activities. With evidence mounting that BP is guilty  of negligence in the lead-up to the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and with public outrage continuing to seethe, CEO Tony Hayward has appeared increasingly contrite in discussing how to deal with the disaster.

This has allowed the Administration to be more tough in its condemnation, with Pres. Obama declaring that BP will ultimately be held responsible for the spill. And with legal liability against BP looking increasingly sound, corporate naysayers may well be left with nothing to complain about and justice served. Indeed, the initial $69 million in charges related to the clean-up announced by the government against BP is a very encouraging sign of what we may expect over the coming months and years in dealing with this disaster.

Executive power and capability are increasing. Pres. Obama needs to make use of these.

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