Vaccines and Epidemics, or Why Science Matters.

There is a whooping cough outbreak in the state of California. Now, whooping cough isn’t like smallpox – it still exists in the wild, and people get it. It’s also one of those diseases that was, up until a few years ago, so rare that cases of it were taped so that EMT’s would recognize it when they saw it.

Then, someone decided that vaccines cause autism.

I realize it’s much more complicated like that, and there’s a very good Frontline on the subject. But when you start to see diseases that, you know, killed kids come back because parents believe that their child is some special snowflake who will be irrevocably harmed (despite all the evidence showing that it doesn’t happen) by being vaccinated against diseases that kill kids – you start to get a little angry, you know?

Anyway, watch the Frontline episode, wash your hands frequently, and get vaccinated.

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