Metal Monday: Hallowed be thy Name

What the fuck is Bruce Dickinson standing on? A scaffold to heaven or hell? Clearly, 1982 was a high water point for power metal stagecraft.

This is one of the finest versions of one of the finest songs by one of the finest metal bands to forever be: Iron Fucking Maiden, “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” Check out the awesome array of jean jackets in the audience and the total lack of women. Consider the air guitar, and Eddie looming in the background. The Confucian ideals of harmony come to mind, and I think the smell of body odor and reefer to nose.

Dickinson has a knack for sculpting a narrative.This tale of final night in the Tower of London would make Sartre headbang with its existential fury. “Could it be that this was all just some grand illusion?” the unknown narrator asks. Maybe it is.

And then you’ve got dueling guitars scaling those same scaffolds. Lights pulling in and out like a noose’s tug. The vocalist wearing a gauntlet. Metal as fuck. And as theatre.

    • mattstrong
    • June 28th, 2010

    “Category: Executive Power, Science.”

    Gods bless you, Mr. Baer.

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