Disturbing Congruencies.

So, some of the palatable Republican senators (and our orangest, golfiest, representative) are beginning to make noise about repealing or modifying the 14th Amendment.

This puts them in bad company. If you’ve read Leonard Zeskind’s Blood and Politics, or have otherwise followed the American far-right, you’re aware of the tendency in “sovereign citizen,” and “common-law court” circles to assume a difference between so-called “14th Amendment Citizens” – that is, everyone not a white, Christian male – and themselves, who they see as a natural aristocracy. This, of course, is not the only connection – see the fabulously racist spokesman for the Tea Party who got, at least temporarily, chased out, or Sarah Palin’s love of cryptofascist columnists, or Glenn Beck’s eerie similarity to Fr. Coughlin.

These people cannot be allowed to retake power in November. GOTV, folks, GOTV.

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