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Intravenous Platitudes

Greeting Cards for the Dreary (c)

Make the pictures in your mind
drawings could be difficult

Insert Image Here x13

1. Some people live life through telescopes
and some through microscopes
but most live through toilet paper tubes.

2. What’s your STDatus?


4. Say “no” a thousand times.

5. If you tread water long enough
you’ll drown later

6. Take me to your feeders

7. Tell me you love me
but take your time

8. I miss your glancing blows.

9. Happy Birthweek.

10. Stop following me.

11. If you’d only stop reminding me
you’re pregnant.

12. Go home and fall asleep.

13. We cream as we cry
with foam.


Binary Revival

A potential example of how totalitarianism differs from liberal democracy:

1. A common hallway in an apartment complex requires warranted entry in a liberal democracy.

Applied theory includes appropriated-endoscopic-threshold penetration,

as well as data gathering devices planted on doors.

True / False

(Addendum: The building has a doorman)

2. It would be a shame to say:

“A Pilot just jumps really far” or “A Submarine Operator just dives really deep,”

under a totalitarian regime.

True / False

3. “We are the redeemed children of God,

independent of our allegiance to a state,”

is a belief widely held in a liberal democracy.

True / False

Modular Prosthetic Limb

Wiring runs straight to the brain

Those who once were lame

Now walk

Robots need not rise

We miss the grave

And meet there

Soldiers must always be first

Flying over sand and stones

They line the beaches

Edges obscured by the waves

The droning of tides

Bypass the spine altogether

The Story #1

The Story #2

Dark Age Dawning

The sun may destroy our computer systems in the near future. Attempting to forecast space weather is currently the responsibility of NOAA. Weeds resistant to Round-Up are appearing with increasing frequency. 90% of soybeans along with 70% of corn and cotton in the U.S. are grown with Round-Up ready seeds.  Monsanto recently appealed a ban on genetically modified alfalfa seeds and succeeded. Humans, particularly Americans, are delaying financial independence into their late 20s.  The conceptual family has been dissolved into a set of preferences. Alvin Greene is allegedly a “planted” candidate in the South Carolina Senate primary. Congressman Sestak refused a carrot to drop out of the Democratic Pennsylvania Senate primary. The federal government subsidized the accelerated implementation of deep-water drilling with a waiver relief program. The loss of Treasury revenue, as estimated by the GAO, could exceed $55 billion over the life of the leases.  Almost a month has passed since a sunbather’s spine was crushed on Long Beach by authorities engaged in rescue efforts. Absence of computers, food, governments, family or a spine will impede the process of the future.

For an enjoyable prediction of the next century, I recommend The Next 100 Years by George Friedman. The book assumes humanity survives.

Rockford at the End

According to Wired magazine, Facebook has 75 million users playing FarmVille. A resident of Rockford, IL is featured in the article. When everyone becomes a computer, most will be satisfied with giving gifts and tending rational gardens. Existence is also possibly due to neutral B-mesons having a slightly unbalanced rate of return.

Currently 400 million of  6.82 billion people use Facebook. If everyone opened an account, 1.279 billion people would play FarmVille. Other people would play translations of the concept. This example proves that the terminal logic of technological innovation must result in voluntarily monitored villages. The Matrix is bullshit. Cities are stupid. If God is not distinct from reality or attention refuses to evolve, then communities will remain fundamentally rural and suspicious. Residents  get lost outside or get tired and go home.  Can humans beat the clock, or is it already a simulation?