Dark Age Dawning

The sun may destroy our computer systems in the near future. Attempting to forecast space weather is currently the responsibility of NOAA. Weeds resistant to Round-Up are appearing with increasing frequency. 90% of soybeans along with 70% of corn and cotton in the U.S. are grown with Round-Up ready seeds.  Monsanto recently appealed a ban on genetically modified alfalfa seeds and succeeded. Humans, particularly Americans, are delaying financial independence into their late 20s.  The conceptual family has been dissolved into a set of preferences. Alvin Greene is allegedly a “planted” candidate in the South Carolina Senate primary. Congressman Sestak refused a carrot to drop out of the Democratic Pennsylvania Senate primary. The federal government subsidized the accelerated implementation of deep-water drilling with a waiver relief program. The loss of Treasury revenue, as estimated by the GAO, could exceed $55 billion over the life of the leases.  Almost a month has passed since a sunbather’s spine was crushed on Long Beach by authorities engaged in rescue efforts. Absence of computers, food, governments, family or a spine will impede the process of the future.

For an enjoyable prediction of the next century, I recommend The Next 100 Years by George Friedman. The book assumes humanity survives.

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